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Business ownership discussion as heard on Radiowave and Radio Nova.

In a discussion on business ownership on Radiowave and Radio Nova, Aurik Namibia Principal Christo Swartz and Aurik founder Pavlo Phitidis tackled some interesting questions:

  • In uncertainty, what should the mindset of a business owner be and why would it matter? 
  • Should a business owner want growth and if so why is it needed and what growth rate should be the goal? 
  • To run a business and to grow a business you need employees but how do you find qualified people in an skills shortage? 
  • When you set a strategy for your business, what’s the best approach to keep it real, simple and doable
  • What are the top 3 ingredients of business success that you see across all successful entrepreneurs? 

You can catch the recording of the discussion here:

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