Who we work with

Aurik works with established businesses that have sufficient complexity for our approach to have an impact. We work with the business owner and their team to deliver results quickly, with buy-in and accountability across the business.

What we do

We work with you to achieve three outcomes: Growth & Scale, Growth & Exit, Business Succession. We do this working with you and your team to resolve 9 business growth and value challenges by building your business into an Asset of Value™.

Respond to a changing environment

More time leading; less time doing

Handing over via delegation & succession

Find, win and hold customers

Grow without chaos

Find, win & hold the right team

Grow revenue & profit

Ensure the business runs without you

Increase value, & saleability

An Asset of Value™

The Asset of Value™ came about through the direct experience of building 12 businesses in 9 years. Find out more

An Asset of Value™ is a business that is positioned to win in a changing world, enabled by reliable operating procedures and systems, and empowered by a focused team to generate consistent organic growth. This releases time for the business owner to then focus on next-level growth, innovation, and profitability.

The outcome is a growing, more profitable business that has a high likelihood of being sold for a premium value in the future.

Our journey with you

To get the best return on time and fastest results, we work with you and your team in an organised, structured and measured engagement.

Come to an event

Join us to find out:

  • How to build an Asset of Value™
  • The 2 types of growth: organic & next-level
  • 5 levers of valuation needed to be able to sell your business
  • How we work with you to make it happen

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