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If your growth comes from a business owner’s growth, let’s partner to grow their business and ours.

Our mid-tier business owners grow within an ecosystem. Talented, dynamic partners within that ecosystem across the legal, banking, funding, insurance, human capital, technology, and broking sectors collectively increase opportunity and performance for companies. Partners within the wealth management sector help amplify our business owners’ financial wellbeing off the back of their performing companies.

Partner relationships

Our partner models are well-resourced, digitally innovative, and scalable. We have 3 innovative remuneration models to reflect the value of our partnership.


As an individual engaged directly or indirectly with business owners, you have built a name, reputation, and relationship network. Grow your business through our affiliate partnership by:

  • Your clients growth increases the demand for your products and services
  • Enjoy a new stream of revenue from our remuneration model


As the companies your organization serves grow, so will their needs for insurance, wealth management, broking, talent, and funding…and that means your business grows. We call it a virtuous growth cycle!


As a national brand across banking, insurance, law, and human capital, if your organization relies on your business client’s success, offering an in-house business growth solution adds value to existing clients, creates a point of difference to attract new clients, and adds a new stream of revenue that falls directly to your EBITDA.

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