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Scale & Grow

Successful growth sees revenues and profits increase on a consistent, reliable basis. That would be fine in a less competitive world. To maintain and grow your market share you need to grow well above industry growth rates. To get this done, need to be investing 70% of your time not just on organic but on Next-Level Growth.

Some or all of the following impede growth:

  • Finding clarity of purpose
  • Spending more time leading & less time doing
  • Your ability to delegate responsibility and control
  • Finding, winning, and holding customers
  • Growth drives chaos, which pulls you back into the guts of your business and erodes profit
  • Finding the right people to do the right things at the right time

We will work with you to give your perspective on your business through diagnostics to understand where this growth will come from and the aptitudes of you and your partners to deliver it.
We’ll then set crisply defined, measurable growth goals which we will hold you accountable to in monthly sessions to ensure they are achieved in our time together.

Structure determines behavior, which generates an outcome determined by the design of that structure. Simplifying the design of your business scales it. Successfully done, your path to accelerated growth will deepen value and let you spend your time where it counts most, next-level growth


“Aurik’s focus on systems helped us to implement the systems that helped us to expand to become a global brand and handle the growth and development of the team” –  Wazoogles

“Our business has doubled since working with Aurik, and costs have halved” – PCS Global

“For us, it was about identifying the growth that was going to be the most profitable, and have the most impact” – TCP Credit

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