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October 19, 2021
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In a competitive world, growth is vital for survival. If your company is not growing, it’s dying. You also need to maximize your economic prime’s impact as a business owner and become the best you can be to maximize that return-on-time during your prime.

Successful growth sees revenues and profits increase on a consistent, reliable basis. That would be fine in a less competitive world. To maintain and grow your market share you need to grow well above industry growth rates. To get this done, need to be investing 70% of your time on NLG.

What goes wrong?

  • Clarity of purpose – growth today needs to be driven by intention tomorrow. Being clear about why you do what you do and what you want from your business over time leads to simpler, crisper decisions and leadership
  • More time leading, less time doing – If your time is consumed in daily, weekly, monthly operational activities such as crisis management, failures in delegation, rework, unscheduled communications, administration, and the like, your ambitions to generate sustainable NLG are likely to falter.
  • Freedom within a framework – because you carry all the risk, your ability to delegate responsibility and control over elements of the business to your team impacts your time demands and their confidence
  • Finding, winning, and holding customers – crafting and implementing marketing and sales strategies that get traction and stick result in brand confusion and low profitability
  • Growth drives chaos – when you grow, chaos across operations and administration pull you back into the guts of your business and erode profit
  • Right people doing the right thing – without the right skills, commitment, and effort from your team, you remain square and center in daily operations. Getting your team to do the heavy lifting is essential
  • Growth – when your NLG disassembles the operational activities in your business, creates confusion and uncertainty in your team. It will not deliver increased profit at a higher rate than increased revenue. Increasing revenues with rising costs increases the quantum of profit, not its value, complexity, and risk.

The Solution

We will work with you

  • See the wood from the trees – run diagnostics to understand the foundation upon which growth is driven, the space into which growth can be accelerated, the levers that point to where growth lies, and the aptitudes of you and your partners, which can best be utilized to win the growth you want
  • Clarify purpose into 10, crisply defined, measurable growth goals and load them onto your company dashboard. Monthly we will evaluate progress towards the goals to ensure that they are achieved in our time together.

Working with you and your team, we will:

  • Position your business to deepen market share in amongst all the noise, change, and competition in your market
  • Organize all your commercial functions into a single, simple, smart system of deliveryto generate consistent organic growth
  • Engage with your team to create the commercial systems, embracing their insights to engender ownership, value, and accountability so that they run and lead the system of delivery to release 70% of your time
  • Apply that available time to identify next-level growth opportunities that leverage your system of delivery and team to ensure that revenue growth is supported by moderated cost growth to deepen profit
  • Collecting data across all the systems to support decision-making further builds a body of evidence in support of any capital raise efforts, essential to fuel that growth.

The Outcome

Structure determines behavior, which generates an outcome determined by the design of that structure. Simplifying the design of your business scales it. Successfully done, your path to accelerated growth will deepen value and let you spend your time where it counts most, next-level growth

How we make it happen

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