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Grow & Exit

While we spend 10-15-20-30-40 years building a business to generate income that we reinvest to win greater returns and a premium sale and exit, 94.6% of companies started fail to sell. They close at a high cost to the business owner, their family, and employees. Of the 5.4% that do sell, 68% make significant concessions on value and the terms of sale, eroding the value of legacy.

Habits that serve us when we start, trap us in the engine room as we grow.

We fail to plan for exit – and businesses don’t just get bought, they need to be built to be sold

We don’t have time to look  beyond the business’s daily needs, to think like an investor or aquirer and build the business for their needs. 

Valuations are driven by our own emotion and necessity, not math. And valuation is very much about math.

By building an Asset of Value™ today, your business will meet the criteria of a tradable asset, locks in the 5 levers of value, and places you in a position to sell in the future

We will work with you to see what gaps need to be closed & set the growth and exit goals that would see your business deliver the 5 levers of valuation and exit

A business built into an Asset of Value™ allows you to have your cake and eat it.

Should you wish to exit, you can find opportunity to do so at a premium valuation on acceptable terms and conditions.

Should you delay your exit, your business will be positioned for growth.

Ultimately, the years of risk, investment, and sacrifices can now be monetized or sweated further to maximize exit valuations or wait for optimal exit timing.


“Setting up the company for acquisition was one of our goals, which we achieved with Aurik. We were acquired in 2019 & our goals are now so much bigger” – Southern Mapping

“Most companies don’t have the systems in place that will allow us to actually sell the business one day – and I now believe that 100″ – Wazoogles

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