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Succession of a business is fraught with emotional and practical challenges, whether in family businesses or across the professional services sector. Success is rare, with 73% of succession attempts failing at a significant cost to the founders, successors, employees, customers, and suppliers.

The differing mindset and agendas around value, between the exiting and succeeding generations seeds conflict.

Poor timing, planning, and method in succession creates confusion and noise among customers, suppliers & employees.

The timing, terms & transparency around the transfer of responsibility and payment for shares creates friction and apprehension in both generations.

If you’re exiting, your successors will pay you out over time, and you need to be confident that they can operate, run and grow the business without your input.
We work with you to develop a structured succession plan that is practical and measurable to transfer operational and commercial responsibility, over time to successors

Reliably handover the responsibilities of the business operations and strategy, align the expectations between the exiting and succeeding generation on the company’s future direction plus establishes the framework for the transfer of responsibilities. This allows for alignment on valuation, terms of payment and conditions of handover to preserve the wealth payout for the exiting and wealth creation path for the succeeding.


The Aurik process changes your business, your mindset, and your life. As a family business you do business at home and at work – to separate the two is difficult but Aurik gives the structure to enable business to be business and family to be family.”- Anton Die Makers 

“I was appointed GM just as we started with Aurik, and those 2 years were a Mini-MBA for myself.” – Pandae Green

“The end goal was to become better at managing our business and working with Aurik we found ourselves league ahead of where we were.” – National Solder

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