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WATCH: Pavlo Phitidis and Aurik business owners represent the SME voice on Business Day TV

Pavlo Phitidis was asked to update Michael Avery of Business Day TV on the SME landscape in South Africa.

He invited two businesses that Aurik has worked with, to highlight his points about how entrepreneurial mindsets overcome crises all the time in business. Listen to what Karin Igesund from Packtown, and Brian Makwaiba from Vuleka Platform had to say about how they Reset Rebuilt and Reignited their businesses through this latest crisis: the Covid lockdown.




Starting this Global Entrepreneurship Week, Reset, Rebuild and Reignite your business to win in the new year and beyond.

Join business growth specialist and author of Reset Rebuild Reignite, Pavlo Phitidis for a roundtable discussion on how to build a business that is not only resilient to crises, but takes advantage of the changes that they present.

Pavlo will be joined by Brent Lindeque, The Good Things Guy, whose mission it is to find the positives amid the negative. Pavlo and Brent want to discuss resilient mindsets that can turn challenges into opportunities, and they want your stories to unpack.

Tell us what you did to survive the Covid lockdown – or any crisis that faced you or your business – and you could earn your seat on the panel to discuss your  challenges and opportunities. Or just register to listen to the discussion and learn from those who have endured and come out winning!

The discussion will take place on Wednesday 18 November 2020 at 12h00 

It forms part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, and Bargain Books is offering 25% off all copies of Pavlo’s books: Sweat Scale $ell and Reset Rebuild Reignite for the week, 16 – 22 November.

Register HERE

WATCH: Daily Maverick discuss Reset Rebuild Reignite

Ray Mahlaka from Business Maverick read Pavlo Phitidis’ book: Reset Rebuild Reignite with a pad of post-it notes to mark the places he wanted to discuss with Pavlo in this online book review hosted by Daily Maverick. From his reason for writing the book, to tackling specific guests’ questions, Ray and Pavlo covered a lot of ground in 60 minutes. Watch it here:


WATCH: Business Day TV interview with Pavlo Phitidis about Reset Rebuild Reignite

Michael Avery from Business Day TV took 30 minutes to speak to author and business growth specialist, Pavlo Phitidis about his recently launched book, Reset Rebuild Reignite.

Watch on to learn why and how Pavlo wrote his second book within 9 months of the first, and why he believes any business can be built to thrive  in a crisis.


Ontbytsake interview: Reset Rebuild Reignite

Dawie Roodt from Ontbytsake on Kyknet chatted to Aurik CEO, business growth specialist and author, Pavlo Phitidis about his new book, Reset Rebuild Reignite.

The book shares practical insights and strategies to build a business to be able to thrive in a crisis, and was written during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

The book is available in all good book stores or get your copy online HERE 

Book review: Reset Rebuild Reignite, how to build a business to thrive in a crisis

There’s nothing like a crisis to expose the cracks in a business, and there are reasons why some rise to the challenge and others can’t or don’t. In his new book, Reset Rebuild Reignite, Pavlo Phitidis shares stories of those businesses that successfully weathered a storm, as well as practical insights and strategies to build your business to do the same.

He was interviewed by Bruce Whitfield for the Business Book review on The Money Show on 702 & CapeTalk. Listen to the podcast from that discussion:

The book is now in stores and you can get your own copy to learn how to build a business to thrive in any crisis. https://aurik.com/pp-books/

Businesses that have taken the right actions are already starting to recover… and a book that shows you how to get this right

While most people learnt to bake banana bread during lockdown… Pavlo Phitidis wrote a book. His second book within 9 months!

Listen to his discussion on 702 and CapeTalk about the book, and how it relates to our economic recovery:

The book, called Reset Rebuild Reignite, was born out of the hundreds of conversations that Pavlo hosted and participated in with other business owners during the early days of lockdown. Thinking about what we do as businesses in a time of crisis he realised that as South Africans we have become remarkably crisis fit and resilient.

In many other parts of the world, pre-Covid, you could quite simply and easily open shop and trade. These businesses had not suffered in a zero growth economy, with load shedding and all the political turmoil we face everyday. We take it for granted that we have an innate ability to cope with uncertainty.

In business, in effect we move from one crisis to the next and the next. Pavlo remembers burst waterpipes destroying all the stock in one business he ran. Or splits in partnerships that ruin a business, or a major customer who goes under.

Change brings opportunity

It became clear to him that there is a mindset and strategy that can be applied in any crisis. The word crisis means a change of state of health, and change means a shift in the status quo, and a shift in status quo is the crack that opens up opportunity. As business owners we need to learn how to see it, read it and engage with it.

In Reset Rebuild Reignite Pavlo’s starting point is that in crisis there is opportunity. If we look at the Economic Clock, everyone pours money back into the system during a crisis. We’ve also seen that SMEs who took the right action, stabilised and most importantly, at the end of last month, that SMEs that made the right calls, hit the bottom and are now starting to grow again.

The common threads among businesses that took the right actions include, when things change, what you did pre-crisis can’t work in a changed environment. You have to change. This is the Reset phase. Among the things you can do is codify your changed customer behaviour.


Whether the economic recovery is a V, W, or Nike Swoosh, Pavlo’s approach has always been, and remains, that the right actions are more important than the economic circumstance.

In each industry, you have three tiers:

  1. Early stage start ups, which are right on the edge of survival.
  2. Mid-tier SMEs, classically between R10m and R250m
  3. Corporate businesses

Depending on the size of your business, the shape of your recovery is going to be different. From a corporate perspective, that shape is fundamental. Corporates keep restructuring to meet the shape of economic growth, but it takes a year to change, they need economic GDP growth to stimulate their growth.

The smallest businesses are simply struggling to stay alive.

Mid-tier businesses, with the right mindsets and actions, is the tier where we are seeing greenshoots of our economic recovery. The mid-tier business that reset and rebuild now, will be at the forefront of growth next year, relevant in their market and primed to take advantage of opportunities.

If you reset and rebuild now, by next year you will have made the tough decisions and choices, resetting your team, keeping the people you could afford to keep and sadly letting go of those you could not. You will find yourself in an economy where 30% of your competitors no longer exist, you can buy stock for 30c in the Rand, plant and equipment for 40c in the Rand, acquiring smaller businesses, absorbing new staff and customers, access to new markets. Opportunities are out there.

Get the book

Find out how to Reset Rebuild and Reignite your business in the book, for details of where to buy, visit https://aurik.com/pp-books/



Read Pavlo’s new book: Reset Rebuild Reignite

Aurik co-founder and business growth expert, Pavlo Phitidis, has released his second book, Reset Rebuild Reignite. Written during the Covid-19 lockdown, Pavlo draws on extensive experience across a wide range of industries, is the founder of multiple businesses,  an investor, a speaker and a respected commentator on entrepreneurial and business growth and innovation.

In Reset, Rebuild, Reignite his starting point is not how to avoid crises – because some are inevitable. Instead, he shows how readers can use any crisis to reset a business to become relevant, rebuild it to scale, and reignite it to accelerate growth by capitalising on the change and opportunities that any crisis brings with it.

Crises mean change. And for any business owner, change means opportunity.

There is nothing new about a crisis stalling or wiping out a business. The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit businesses globally does not feel any more or less devastating to the business owner than if their business was affected by the sudden loss of a dominant client, a trade war, burst water pipes halting operations, intransient employees or their product no longer being relevant to the market.

“In the moment of a crisis, we face two options. Step forward into growth and lead the inevitable change it brings or step back into safety and have its impact imposed on you.”

Stories of business owners who have successfully turned crisis to their advantage are underpinned by Pavlo’s practical, action-oriented insights, tactics and strategies that will equip your audience to tackle any crisis that affects a business.

Get your copy from your favourite bookstore. e-books are already available and physical copies will be in store towards the end of August 2020. Follow the links here.

Reset, Rebuild, Reignite as a strategy in any crisis and the evidence it works

For those businesses that reset their businesses to cope with the lockdown, are rebuilding their systems to entrench their positioning, the data says we are 3 to 6 months away from reigniting revenues.

Pavlo Phitidis drew on a random portfolio of 50 Business to Business (B2B) SME clients, and identified four data points which suggest that these businesses have hit the bottom and are now turning up….at pace.

Listen to him talk about his findings on The Money Show on 702 and CapeTalk:

What data was used

Four data points were used. Average monthly turnover, average monthly profitability, average number of jobs all over a running 3-month average. The fourth data points make up the 7 periods of measure from Nov 2019-Jan 2020 through to May 2020-July2020.

What did the data show

These seven periods of measure take us from a normal economy to level 5 lockdown and then move to level 3 lockdown.


3 Mnth Average Turnover Profitability Jobs Economy (Months)
Nov’19 – Jan’20 -6% 29% 1,601 3 open months
  Summer holiday period fall in sales, temporary jobs to cope with load
Dec-’19 – Feb’20 10% 101% 1,424 3 open months
  Jan, Feb restocking of product and service to get going, job changes
Jan’20 –  Mar’20 1% -75% 1,501 2 open, 1 lockdown level 5 month (L5 lock)
  1st month of lockdown, profitability plummets with a 3 week anticipated lockdown not reducing costs
Feb’20 –  Apr’20 -2% -10% 1,395 1 open, 2 L5 lock
  Now evident more than 3 week lockdown, retrenchments activated
Mar’20 –  May’20 -17% -36% 1,099 2 L5 lock, 1L4 lock
  Full lockdown shock, cost reduction, RESET phase activated
Apr’20 –  Jun’20 -2% 78% 1,099 1 L5 lock, 1 L4 lock, 1 L3 lock
  RESET phase complete, new business model emerging, REBUILD phase activated
May’20 –  Jul’20 -8% 146% 1,263 1 L4 lock, 2 L3 lock
  REBUILD phase ongoing, readying for REIGNITIOIN, employment of new talent picks up


What does the data confirm

Every crisis should see every business owner adopt a 3-phase strategy in response.

  1. Reset your value proposition
  2. Rebuild your system of delivery
  3. Reignite your growth

At Aurik we have been working with businesses throughout the lockdown to do just this, contact us to find out how we can work together to Reset Rebuild and Reignite your business.

Reset, rebuild and reignite your business in a crisis economy

Covid-19 has wrought havoc on the global economy and forced many businesses to shutdown or to drastically alter their operating conditions. Things are not going to go back to ‘business as usual’ and hoping they will is not a strategy.

In this webinar, Aurik CEO Pavlo Phitidis offers business owners a practical guide to how they can plan their strategy to not only survive the lockdown but to lay the foundation to thrive in the new economy. The principles he shares will build a business that is resilient to change, and will stand up to future setbacks and crises.

Watch it to gain an understanding of:

  • A likely 18 month view of the economy post-lockdown
  • Adopting a winning mindset to cope with uncertainty and stress
  • Using the lockdown to rest your business
  • Using the 3 – 6months after lockdown to rebuild your business
  • Using the 6 – 12 months after lockdown to accelerate growth

For more Corona Business Battle Plan webinars visit www.aurik.com/corona

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