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hard hats

This Week@Work: Understand who you serve and how, to understand where your growth can come from.

This Week@Work Pavlo met with a large construction business who tried to smooth out their lumpy  project based revenues by developing  an out-of-the-box designer hut solution. Great idea, right? Then why hasn’t it worked?

Watch as he shares what went wrong and what we can learn from it about staying true to who we serve and how we serve them.

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2 halves of a business

This Week@Work: A brilliant product or service is only half of the business

This Week@Work Pavlo met with a business owner who has a brilliant product that genuinely competes with the best in their industry. But a product only exists for one reason – to solve a problem for someone. The team and commercial system that allows people to find, use and want more of the product is the 2nd half the business.

Watch as Pavlo discusses this idea of 2 parts of a business.

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Variety of canned beans, This week @ work

This Week@Work: Beans are not just beans, but they can help you get your positioning right!

This Week@Work Pavlo met with a business that is deeply entrenched in all things solar – a great sector to be in but their problem is that they have evolved to be everything to everyone. Their positioning is not clear, and they won’t be able to scale and grow until they get that right.

Pavlo looks to baked beans to illustrate how to think about your business’s positioning.

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red onion cut in half

This Week@Work – Simplify your business using the Onion Method

This Week@Work a meeting with a pump business reminded Pavlo how complex and complicated businesses can become as they grow. To be able to scale, successfully, you need to understand clearly where your focus and investment should go. To get this right, think about your business like an onion.

Watch as Pavlo shares the Onion Method.

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