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October 14, 2020
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Build a sales engine not a sales team

Getting sales right is one of the most difficult tasks an entrepreneur faces, it is the ultimate testament of business understanding and sophistication.

Great salespeople don’t build a sustainable business – they do deals.

Pavlo chatted about the need to build a “selling engine” in your business on The Money Show . Listen to what he had to say here:

So what is a sales engine versus a sales team?

Things to consider:

1. A sales engine is bigger than a sales team and its more sustainable

2. Sales people walk in and out of the door daily, the engine if properly built is locked into the business

3. Horror stories

  • Lose the star sales person? And having no sales capability at all.
  • You pass on sales because you don’t like it! Not everyone is a natural sales person.
  • You build a channel driven business model!

4. Success stories

  • 97,8% of customers never met.
  • Break the sine wave

How do you build a Sales Engine?

You should always take the Asset of Value approach which means:

1. Turn the business to the customer

  • You can’t be everything to everyone
  • The better you define the customer, the better the alignment
  • It’s about solving customer problems not products

2. Understand the experience that customer wants to buy from you

3. Map out the activities that you need to create that generate that experience

4. This creates the selling system

5. Employ against that system

6. A clear job description is vital

7. Measurement of the system is vital

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