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Why your website is not enough to win new customers and grow your business

A website is essential, so you invest time, care, and money into building one. Then you wait. You wait for something to happen. And nothing does. What now?

Listen to Pavlo Phitidis share a story about fishing, to make his point about reaching your target market, in this podcast from The Money Show

To get fishing right, you need to know what species of fish you want to catch.

Each species behaves differently and eats differently to almost every other species. Let’s fish for carp – a big, mud sucking, freshwater fish species. You fish for them using patience, rods, reels, line and bait. You fish for them in muddy water. Building a website is like carp fishing. You find a spot by the dam, set up your rod, reel and line. Add a big hook with bait and cast it into the water. Nothing bites.

It doesn’t bite because it does not know you are there. To let the carp know you are there, anglers mix special bait preparations. They add flavors, spices and condiments. They also cast 4 or 5 lines in all with more flavored baits. The carp smells it in the water and presto – you catch a fish.

Your website is like the hook in the worldwide ocean.

To catch a fish, you need to decide on your species, understand how it behaves, create a bait that it loves and let it know that you are there, baited hook and all.

In your business, this means that you need to build campaigns to reach, entice, draw in and hook your future customers.

Campaigns are your bait and are used to attract fish to your website to see if what you do and how you do it is valuable enough to them to become your customers.

Campaigns have several elements.

  1. Promotion

    A message that you communicate that will get a response from your customers. It might establish and build your brand to create credibility and confidence in your customers. Or it might be a promotion with an offer to secure a transaction.

  2. Format

    Your campaign needs to be formatted to a suitable medium. Is it a flyer, a social post, a billboard or advert? The format will affect the messaging and creative design.

  3. Communicated

    Your campaign needs to be actioned. Email campaigns need to be sent to your audiences, radio campaigns need to be flighted in the appropriate shows and flyers dispensed at the relevant locations.

  4. Measured

    Your campaigns should be measured. See what works, what doesn’t, adjust learn, perfect.

  5. Repeated

    Establish a campaign calendar and make the adjustments needed to suit the buying behavior of your customers. In hot summer months you might use flyers, in cold rainy months you might use radio.

  6. Multiple

    More rods in the water create more attraction and familiarity. Campaigns are no different. Run multiple campaigns when you have the money. Do radio and flyers because done together, the chances of your fish seeing your bait increases exponentially.

Business is a dynamic system of activities. It never stands still. Bringing your website to life means letting customers know that it exists amongst the 480bn other websites clouding the Word Wide Web and about 10,000 or more competing for your fish’s attention.