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How to build your business into your family’s greatest wealth generating asset.

Business owners risk everything to sustain a business. Given what it takes to achieve this, they and their family tolerate significant sacrifices—stress, absence, missed holidays—it is an emotional roller coaster for all.

In the early days of starting your business, it is a complete hustle! The happens  because  if you want the business to survive, you have to generate revenue and capital.

Once the capital starts coming in regularly, you can re-invest that capital back into that business with strong teams and skills that will enable you to build your business into your greatest wealth generating asset. or what we call, an Asset of Value. This is a business that you will one day be sold or passed on by means of a succession to the next generation.

In this podcast with Pavlo Phitidis, Pavlo discusses outcomes and scenarios that business owners face when starting out and then building their businesses.

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