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why what how do you do what you do

Business success starts with clarity: Why, what and how do you do what you do in your business

As we gain hope that Covid is going to be put behind us, new thinking says it’s going to be part of us. And it’s not fair. Hope was fueled by the vaccines but not only don’t we have any sign of them, we now aren’t even sure they will work as the virus mates and mutates. So, uncertainty now seems to be the new certainty.

As a business owner, you still need to lead. Listen to Pavlo Phitidis discuss what this entails on The Money Show podcast:



Leading means maintaining a single course and direction for your business instead of pivoting every week and flip-flopping from one announcement to the next. It harms your business, your reputation, your team, your customers and your suppliers.

Business success is built over time and consistent action.

If uncertainty is the new certainty, simplifying and answering why you exist, what you do and how you do it holds the key to consistent action despite the uncertainty.

In fact, it unlocks opportunities aligned to your capabilities that, in an increasingly uncertain world, can accelerate your businesses growth beyond anything that a stable, predictable environment could offer.

Answer the following questions to simplify your focus and ensure your actions align with your purpose:


  1. Why do you do what you do?

There are two whys – the first is asked of the business owner – why are you doing what you do? And secondly, why does your business do what it does?

You need to be clear on both.

The answer to the 1st question should always be to build your business into an Asset that can secure your and your family’s future.

The answer to the 2nd question is NOT to sell what you have, it needs to be a problem that you solve for your customers.


  1. What do you do to achieve it?

This is the plan. What you’re doing in your business today determines your future. The best way to see where you’re going is to look at what you spend your time doing.
Your time is finite and how you spend it speaks to your commitment to yourself, your ambitions and predicts what your future holds for you.

 3. How do you do it to build momentum and to get it done easier, and easier?

Imagine starting from scratch and going for a 5km run… the first one will be awful. But if you do it again and again you’ll build muscles to support running, a style that makes it more comfortable and you’ll get running fit. It does get easier if you keep doing it.

If you can keep doing the things that bring you closer to your goals, and can score your progress along the way, you’ll find those activities become easier, some will become almost automatic.

To get this right you need systems, which create the framework for these repetitive actions to come together to deliver the progress that will get you to your goals.

It’s that simple…simplify!