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Tag: People

Webinar: How to manage your people through uncertainty

One of the most difficult parts of a business to manage through Covid-19 or any crisis, is your team, and the human relationships you have with your network including clients and suppliers.

Pavlo Phitidis hosted 2 webinars to offer practical insights on how to work with the human beings around you, who are also feeling anxious and uncertain.

In the first he focused on the human level:

  • How to get up again after you’ve been knocked down
  • Understand where you are, emotionally
  • Understand the different realities your team members are dealing with
  • Use 3 tools to take control of yourself, in order to lead your teams through this difficult time.



In his second webinar, Pavlo focused on more pragmatic matters including:

  • How to engage your team over this period
  • How to redirect the work they do over this period
  • How to assign and manage tasks
  • How to right-size your team given your business
  • How to lead and manage the process to get to the other side ready to grow.