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June 22, 2020
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Three levers of change re-shaping the future – and how to get your business ahead of the change


Covid has certainly fundamentally changed the environment we live and operate in, but before and beyond Covid there are three major trends that remain relevant. As a business owner you need to understand these, and develop an approach to your business that is likely to position it as relevant to the future.

The noise can be reduced to three main levers of change that are reshaping the business environment of tomorrow.

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What are the three levers of change?

  1. Environment

From Carbon emissions to plastic, the world is waking up. Militant reactions to perceived threats to the environment will escalate at an accelerated level across the globe. From water, where the next battle will begin affecting all industries linked to its consumption and contamination, to energy. Conscious abuse and unconscious misuse will be punished by consumer responses.

  1. Economic exclusion

Global growing economic disparities are enabling populist reactions. Corporate entities that accumulate too much perceived wealth and give little back are being targeted. The EU and now, in the lead up to the American primaries in 2020, we have already seen sights set on the global tech firms. Profit without taxes is no longer acceptable and even then, beyond a certain size or market presence, taxes are not enough.

  1. Technology

The rate and pace of digitisation, mechanisation and automation is unstoppable. The race to lead the global economy is being fought through technology as evidenced in the trade wars and America’s attempt to halt the adoption of Chinese 5G technology. In the UK, an intensifying focus on revenue/employee is being used to create incentives for businesses to modernise through digitisation, automation and mechanisation for fear of being excluded from the global economic value chain. This carries attendant implications to jobs, balance of payment issues and the currency etc.

What framework can you apply to position successfully into the future?

An Asset of Value™ is a business that is well positioned, supported by systems and people and releases your time to be strategically focused away from the noise of daily operations. It’s also a business that is very responsive to customer activity. Changes in customer behaviour will be felt and translated through the systems of an Asset of Value™, acting as signals of future opportunities.


We work with established business owners to grow their businesses into Assets of Value™. The nature of this work has exposed us to all sectors and industries across 4 continents. This helps us lend perspective. Once a direction is agreed, we work with you to successfully reshape your business into the future. Let’s talk and build tomorrow, today.

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