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June 1, 2020
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Building a positive frame of mind in a negative environment

We live in unstable times, and a brief look at the news headlines is almost always disheartening. Constant exposure to the news, along with a teetering economy, can make you feel deflated, frustrated, and ready to give up as a business owner. Here we look at what to do when you’re feeling despondent, by examining seven traits of successful business owners.


The antidote for fear and depression is found in action. Your growing business is a direct reflection of your own self, so overcoming fear and committing to moving forward, despite current circumstances, is essential. By taking action, you are empowering yourself and your business. Work with what you have and take small steps in your business, taking time to reflect, learn, and build.


Circumstances may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean you should stop. Rather, go with the flow, and adopt the Master Oogway (yes, the wise turtle from Kung Fu Panda) approach: “Your mind is like water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But, if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.” Your growing business is defined by your approach to it – agitate the waters of it, and it will be very difficult to navigate. But the moment you let things settle and go with the current of your business’ waters, you’ll see your way forward, far more clearly.


Surrounding yourself with the right type of people goes beyond just who you pick to work with you within your business – it includes the people you spend time with, in any circumstances. Spend time with people who inspire you, and who utilise the positive approach you wish to adopt.


Circumstances may not be ideal, but that does not stop you from taking control. Just as German business people have re-engineered their businesses to take advantage of unique opportunities abroad, you too can adapt your business, and approach to the circumstances surrounding it, and keep flowing like water.


The oracle of Delphi told people that they need to be concerned with being themselves, and immediately forgive others who expect them to be anyone else. By being real in what you do, and remembering that your authenticity is energising, you won’t easily be imitated, and you’ll retain your focus as you move forward, with certainty.

This was more recently (about a hundred and ten years ago) brought back into light by Wallace D. Wattles who published his book, The Science of Getting Rich in 1910. This unusual piece of writing will sow seeds of hope in all and any that feel the weight of despair in a the midst of negativity and recessionary economic activity. Mr Wallace talks to a mental technique that he called “thinking in the Certain Way, to establish a state of positivity and self-affirmation.


The constant stream of ‘noise’ from the outside world can be difficult to ignore, but finding ways to clear your head, and clear the fog, is important. Having clarity of mind will help you to make good decisions, and take purposeful action, for your business.


Your ability to adapt and respond to new challenges will serve your business well. During uncertain times, you can try new ways of conducting your business, experiment with new marketing methods, or try a different sales approach.

If you’re finding it difficult to move your business forward through tumultuous times, get in touch with our team at Aurik. We’ll help you build your business into an asset of value, no matter what hits the headlines.

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