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Refer a client

When your client’s business grows, your business grows. Refer your business client here.

Who should I refer?

At Aurik we achieve the greatest impact working with businesses that: 

  • Achieve annual revenues between R15m and R300 million.
  • Are established – the average age of the businesses we work with is 16 years 
  • Are run by mature business owners – the average age of business owners who we work with is 48 years
  • We work across all sectors 

Note: We do not offer business rescue.

What happens next?

1. We get to know them

Once you have referred a client through this referral form we go through a thorough process of getting to understand a business, and their leadership before we commit to working with them. If we do not believe we can have an impact, we will not work with them. This assures our integrity, and yours. 

2. We keep you updated

As they progress through this process – or don’t – we will notify you at key milestones.  

3. Payment

Should your client sign with Aurik, you will be notified and sent a request to invoice Aurik for your referral fee. 

4. Follow up

The Aurik methodology takes up to two years to implement. We adhere to the strictest confidentiality with our clients, but you would be encourage to check in with them on their growth journey, to support their growing needs.

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