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You’ve worked to get onto the bridge, now stay there!

Backsliding into old habits happens to us all. It takes eternal vigilance to change. 

Each month for the last 24 months, we have worked with you from the bridge of your ship. Using your dashboard, debating and discussing the numbers that measure your progress and Asset of Value, we took your time and attention away from operating towards growth. 

We worked ON the business, not IN it. Let’s keep it that way.

Over 12 months, we will work with you to:

goal setting

Set annual goals

we will work with you to set a measurable destination to ensure the year ahead is progressive and productive. Growth is planned, and a plan is worked. Growth is compounded, and we repeat the same process each year, compounding the growth and value systematically and purposefully. It’s easy for time to slip us by!


Monthly goal review

we will work with you to ensure that you remain on track, systematically and purposefully achieving the steps that lead us to goal attainment. See it as your mini-board session, holding you, your team, and the business accountable for doing what you said and saying what you do.



if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. It’s a “hope and prayer” strategy if you cannot manage it. Data is gold. Be it holding yourself accountable, delegating and holding your team accountable, building a credible body of evidence to support funding or an eventual exit. It is also a truth-teller, removing myth and story and measuring the reality of what’s done – are we on track to hit the goals or not!

We’ve worked hard to get to the bridge; let’s stay there and invest the two most important ingredients for growth and value on growth and value – your time and your attention!


Already in place, we have a monthly debit order running. For the year ahead, keep it running, and we will deliver:

1 X Goal Setting Session

12 X Monthly Growth Tracker Session

12 X Full Access Dashboard

Any additional interventions over this period will attract a 10% discount. For example, should you onboard new staff members and wish to put them through a SIPOC or Personal Selling Workshop to align them and keep them productive.

Benefits include:

  • Meet with an Aurik Facilitator to discuss and set business goals for the next 12 months

  • Access the dashboard to view and track the achievement of your business goals

  • Meet with an Aurik facilitator monthly to discuss and review your business goals and to identify action steps to be taken

  • Meet with an Aurik facilitator to customize your dashboard

  • Access the dashboard to track the performance of your business and your team

  • Meet with an Aurik facilitator monthly to review and discuss the performance of your business and to identify action steps to be taken

  • Track the fundability of your business at a glance and receive tips on what could be done to improve the ability of the business to access debt or equity funding

  • Track the cashflow security of your business at a glance, with recommended steps to improve the cashflow security of the business

  • Deletgate the completion of different aspects of your dashboard to members of your team

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