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Christo Swartz

Christo is a born entrepreneur and a chartered accountant with senior financial leadership experience in large financial services corporates. He founded Alora Financial Partners in Windhoek, Namibia, and brought Aurik to the region.

Rooted in the values of “Bou, bewerk en bewaar” (build, cultivate and preserve) which Christo has lived since a child, Alora seeks to build businesses of impact by harnessing the power of partnerships. Through Alora, Christo works with business investors and entrepreneurs to drive value for both parties, the broader business ecosystem and society, as it is Christo’s belief that business uplifts people and communities.

Aurik’s tried and tested business growth solution compliments the work that Alora does with business owners downstream to deliver a holistic approach to supporting businesses on their growth journey.

“As Namibians we believe the growth-minded-Aurik approach is what is required for private sector to truly make a meaningful impact in the Namibian economy and the lives of Namibians. Growing and uplifting individuals, households and families.”