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Johan Taljaard

Before investing in Aurik, Johan worked in mergers and acquisitions, where he saw the scale of the challenge facing business owners who believed they could sell their businesses.

Of the +-250 businesses he worked with over 8 years, 81% of these business owners could not sell their businesses. This corroborated his personal experiences of struggling to sell his own businesses.

Johan was already running his first business while qualifying for his B.Comm in Entrepreneurship. He subsequently started and built several companies across sectors including IT, Finance, Publishing and Digital marketing. For 10 years he ran a financing company that offered bridging and project finance, among other solutions. He spent 2 years in a large corporate, where he was a project manager on a range of FMCG projects. This accumulated experience developed his borderline-obsession with what he calls ‘the end game’: building a business so that it can be sold.