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Carien Engelbrecht

After a stint in corporate finance, Carien spent nine years leading and managing billion dollar supply chains for big urban infrastructure projects.

Fundamental to the projects was the establishment of extensive, reliable small-medium business suppliers. Sourcing, selecting and supporting the ability to scale the delivery of their products and services was Carien’s key area of success.

Carien joined Aurik as a co-founder in its second year of establishment and directly started, built and sold seven businesses across the technology, media, business services and food sectors. Carien continuously develops the Aurik business model globally, incorporating smart technology with empathetic scaling practices. This has enabled Aurik to maintain the quality and impact measures on delivery of services across four continents. In addition, Carien troubleshoots growth problems with Aurik clients.

Carien holds a B.Proc in Law, a Postgraduate Diploma in Policy and Management and a Master’s in Business Administration in Strategy and Technology .