Secure business growth funding

Growth requires resources, and ambitious growth may call for external investment. To secure growth funding, you’ll need to convince the right investors of a return. It’s a tough job, and the banking system is stacked against private business owners. Working with Aurik, a number of businesses have successfully managed to secure the funding that has accelerated their business growth.

Several funders loved what Norman did and praised his passion but none committed funding to expand his growing business. He had self-funded his growth so far and because of that, he had no collateral. In addition, Norman’s growth required working capital, money to be spent on software, marketing and people.

Working with Aurik, he was able to demonstrate that he had built a System of Delivery that meant his business delivered consistently on his quarterly forecasts. He could also show that he was spending more than 60% of his time focused on growth because his operations ran literally without him. This was evidenced on his business dashboard that Aurik had built for him and resulted in him successfully raising equity funding to accelerate his growth further.

Anthony wanted funding to move from services to manufacturing. The investment would set up his facility and he could start making the products his clients needed and were importing from China. He had a successful services company and funders weren’t convinced he could make the transition.

Working with Aurik, he stabilised his services business to operate consistently, drawing only a small portion of his time. He then invested time in meeting almost 38 private funders and settled on one who had both money and experience manufacturing.

Ben poured all of his profits back into his business, to realise his ‘Big Idea’ but the idea was bigger than his pockets, and he was reluctant to seek funding, as he viewed it as debt.

Working with Aurik he became convinced that growth funding would unlock the big idea, and accelerate his business growth in a way he simply never could alone. A clear plan of action was devised to attract the right funders to partner with Ben, and take his business to the next level.