Respond to a changing, competitive environment

The pace of change is faster than ever. If you’re not staying ahead of the game, you’re rapidly getting left behind. Business owners need to be able to see the opportunities and challenges in their environment and build their businesses to be resilient and agile – to adapt quickly and effectively as needed. These are some of the changes that business owners we’ve worked with have implemented, to ensure they remain relevant and competitive.

Jerome’s growing annual turnover was generated by a single product. Past attempts at finding an alternative had cost him dearly and he had sleepless nights worrying about the sustainability of his business.

Working with Aurik, Jerome redesigned his entire business to focus on customers and not a product which then gave light to a new set of services and ancillary products that spoke directly to their needs.

Today revenue is made up of a number of products as well as annuity revenues from the same customer.

Discounting had always worked for Vish to kick-start sales and generate cash flow. But while sales were high, profits were very low.

Vish worked with Aurik to discover who his customers were and what they wanted. By putting systems in place to enhance the customer experience he didn’t have to offer the lowest price. Margins improved by over 5% as he became a value player in his market.

Albert built his business off the back of his principles in Germany. Through them he had access to the best products. They were technically advanced and reliable. And then his business growth stalled. Chinese products were becoming as good and were half the price.

Working with Aurik, we changed his positioning from a product-driven business to a customer-driven business by understanding what problems they wanted solved. His marketing and sales teams were redesigned to talk about the problems his business solved instead of product features. Albert’s business doubled its growth whilst working with Aurik as his customers responded to his new value proposition.