More time leading, less time doing

As a business owner, you should know more about your business, your industry and your opportunities than anyone else – but how can you see these opportunities - and grab them – if you are constantly stuck in operations? We have helped business owners to rise above the daily grind in many different circumstances, like these:

Having built a great, small business, Lance set his sights on franchising as the path to his next level growth. Surely he could just multiply the success of the first business? But multiple frustrations taught him that franchising was not that easy.

Working with Aurik, he successfully ‘coded’ the activities in his small business into business systems. Thereafter, the ability to replicate that small business through a franchised model has seen Lance create 38 franchised units under a single brand.

George hit the jackpot. He identified a massive gap in the market and battled to keep up with the demand. Business exploded but George spent his days putting out fires.

Together with Aurik, George developed systems to underpin the operations that his company would need as it grew. The systems were easy to learn, scalable and future-focused. Now George spends most days with his customers, identifying new challenges, and devising solutions.