Building the right team

Staff and people are among the most common headaches for business owners. We work with business owners to build their businesses in a way that revenue is generated as a result of systems rather than individuals and where the right people with clear roles and responsibilities are employed. Some of the people challenges we’ve dealt with include:

Henry is an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist. His clients love him for that. What Henry promises, Henry delivers. He approached Aurik out of sheer exhaustion. He had fantastic products and very loyal clients, yet the business had hit a ceiling. From inventing a new technology, Henry now faced competitors who had copied his offerings and could supply clients cheaper or faster. His attempts to build sales and operational teams had failed. Expensive hires seldom delivered to Henry’s specification.

Working with Aurik, Henry converted his approach to selling and service into 28 business systems. For the first time, Henry then employed system operators not job seekers. Recruitment was made easier and very effective. Today, with growing revenues, Henry is largely freed from sales and service activities and focuses on product innovation.

Despite Joseph’s huge investment in people, he was battling to retain good staff. Constant growth always left him in a position of employing people to assist with his most immediate burdens. Staff complained that they had no support and limited training.

Working with Aurik, he was able to change how he employed people. Instead of simply employing sales people and telling them to get on with the job, he systemised the sales experience in a teachable, measurable way so that he could employ people to operate the system of selling and reward them accordingly. High staff turnover is a thing of the past.

Two individuals started a business together which took off and saw sales quickly reach some $3m a year. One partner felt the 50:50 equity split was no longer fair – he did most of the work – but attempts to discuss this with his partner failed. The partnership soured.

Mini monthly board meetings and a clear business growth plan that was developed and implemented through Aurik’s facilitation saw sales reach $5m and restored the relationship.