Entertaining, engaging and insightful, our events will leave you with food for thought as well as practical actions to implement in your business the very same day. Join us, and our business-building partners to expand your knowledge and network.

Standard Bank SME Summit: Reignite your business in the new economy

Join Pavlo Phitidis and his panel of business owners and topic specialists as they explore the concept of next-level business growth – where to look for it, and how to harness it, including what kind of funding to secure to make it all happen. Standard Bank SME Summit with Business Day Part Four: Reignite your […]


The Chairman’s Network presents: Why Digital Marketing is Dead with Pavlo Phitidis

Digital marketing has long been sold as the SME business owners lead generation solution, but Pavlo Phitidis says we have been duped by the few platforms available to us. It’s time to take this on board and find another way. The Chairman’s Network presents: Why Digital Marketing is Dead with Pavlo Phitidis 23 September 2021 […]


Roundtable: Digital Marketing is Dead


Join us for 55 minutes on 27th October to understand  how we would work with you and your team to achieve your business goals and ambitions.  Roundtable: Digital Marketing is Dead 27th October 2021 / Online / Free Digital marketing used to offer an affordable, effective route to our target market as B2B businesses.  Then […]

Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry with Pavlo Phitidis


How to Build Your Business into Your Greatest Wealth-Generating Asset As a business owner you invest years of sweat, stress, sacrifice, money and time to build and grow your business. It is essential to monetise those years of risk and investment and realise your wealth through your business. Join business growth specialist, Mr Pavlo Phitidis […]

Aurik Andersen managing business growth & value for exit


Join Aurik and Andersen for 55 minutes on 2nd December to understand  how our strategic alliance can deliver your strategic advantage through business growth and successful exit.  Let's work together to optimise your business for growth and future exit 2nd December 2021 / Online With partners Aurik and Andersen you can manage your business growth […]

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