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This website is not a solicitation of investment by Aurik Capital, and the information herein is indicative and for illustration purposes only. This website does not constitute the provision of financial services, financial advice or investment advice of any kind, which includes but is not limited to tax, accounting, investment, legal and regulatory advice.

This website does not consider any investment objectives or circumstances of any particular recipient, and advice of a qualified professional should be obtained before any investment or financial decision is made.

We consider our sources of information as reliable at the time of writing, however we do not represent that the information is accurate and complete, and should therefore not be relied upon.

Aurik Capital accept no liability for any losses incurred by the investor in implementing any of the strategies contained in this document, and brings to the investors attention that the outcomes of investment are dependent on a multitude of factors which cannot be predicted. Past returns are not an indication for what an investor should expect in the future.

Venture Capital investments are inherently risky and the investor risks the loss of both capital and returns.

Aurik Capital is an authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP 48928) and a SARS approved VCC (VCC – 0119).

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