People power or hinder a business’s growth. And the people suited to your business today, might not be the right people tomorrow. What should lead and shape your people strategy and how you get it right is a complex problem. It’s one that is made a lot simpler if you have a clear strategy, know…


94.6% of businesses fail to sell. They close at an enormous cost to the owner, their family, their staff and the economy. Most business owners realise too late that there are only two destinations for any business: a sale or closure. You’ve got to build to $ell. Sweat, Scale, $ell shares real business-building stories about how…

Pavlo Phitidis seminar topics
Pavlo Phitidis themesPavlo Phitidis seminar topics


Working with you, Pavlo will build and deliver workshops and seminars to solve for business growth, innovation, strategy across your franchise or team.  ​ The seminars are interactive, practical and entertaining. They go further to ensure that the attendees experience direct commercial outcomes ensuring that the return on attendance goes beyond “that was very interesting”!

Pavlo Phitidis opportunity in uncertainty
Pavlo Phitidis opportunity in uncertainty


Pavlo is a passionate speaker; his talks are driven through dramatised story-telling gleaned from direct experience of having worked, talked and engaged with hundreds of entrepreneurs, allowing the content to resonate on a very human level. The audience will leave inspired, thoughtful and very motivated. Talks are aimed primarily at entrepreneurial audiences found at trade…

business book launch with Bruce Whitfield


Well-designed and managed competitions and campaigns build the ideas, opportunities and understanding of entrepreneurship in South Africa. They also build databases of warm leads for a sponsor to offer products and services to! ​ Pavlo thrives on helping entrepreneurs discover their latent talent for turning their dreams and themselves into something bigger than they imagined…

Roundtable webinar
Roundtable webinar

Round tables

Bringing together different perspectives stimulates fresh ideas, fosters empathy for others and can create valuable connections between individuals or groups. Whether it is business owners sharing ideas and challenges, or parties from different sides of an issue needing to find resolution, Pavlo is a regular facilitator and participant in business-related round tables.

business battle plan

Build your Corona Business Battle Plan

After years of economic mismanagement, corruption, unstable power supply and business-unfriendly legislation, SMEs and private businesses have very few reserves to draw on. Many of these businesses are struggling to figure out whether they can afford to sit out the Coronavirus lockdown and how they can survive in a new, post-lockdown world. Aurik has put…