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Aurik Alumni

We’ve worked together to build your Asset of Value™, and you’ll know that it is not a once-off intervention.
Accelerating growth and deepening value in your business should be your constant focus.

The Aurik Alumni programme is designed to keep you on the bridge to achieve your business goals, and secure your legacy.


An annual subscription unlocks access to monthly direct engagements with thought leaders, peers and experts to drive four key elements critical to your ongoing success:

  • Leadership: Gain leadership perspectives, styles and actions on how you make decisions and lead your team to manage downside risk and open upside growth and value.

  • Relationships: Surround yourself with growth-minded, action-oriented business owners who, as operators, owners and investors in their businesses, open relevant doors and offer relevant learnings.

  • Focus: Make time to look at the big picture to keep you and your business on track.

  • Learning: Invest in and develop your leadership and management skills to marry and match your ambitions for your business’s growth and value.

Value and investment

Subscription includes a calendar of activations that will bring you together with likeminded business owners, and topic experts to gain insights into global best practices, and troubleshoot specific issues. At least one per month including:

online roundtables


Networking: build relationships and connections that can lead to new business opportunities

Learning: draw on the insight and foresight of established business owners with direct experience in problem-solving and opportunity creation

Collaboration: develop opportunities, such as partnering on projects or sharing resources.

Innovation: gain exposure to new ideas from peers at the forefront of their industries


Business Owner events: Get access and insight into growth trends, tactics and strategies to increase your income and valuation through 2 in-person Asset of Value events, in the company of a broad range of business owners. 

Alumni-Only event: An Alumni-exclusive event with facilitated networking and dealmaking will not only stimulate peer-to-peer discussion, but could deliver the connections that trigger or support your next-level growth. 


Gain a helicopter view of the year ahead through an annual panel discussion on South Africa from a political, social and economic future forecast hosted by Pavlo Phitidis and an expert panel through a 90 min yearly online event.

global tour


Exposure to global trends, best practices, innovation and knowledge with Pavlo on a 5-day international tour, including:

Business conference – network with international business owners, learn from expert presentations and panels, access the latest research and best practices in business growth and innovation, get exposure and insights into new ideas.

Visit fast-growing companies – gain insights into scaling, problem-solving and innovation and inspiration and motivation to lift your game and win

Dealmaking and networking engagements – identify, engage and deal-make internationally

Establish friendships – shared experiences weld friendships and relationships for life

*Costs for the tour are additional to the monthly subscription cost but group discounts and preferential rates will be passed on to alumni to enable broad participation. 

R2,930 excl VAT per month places you in the middle of a network of growth-minded individuals, open to opportunities, collaboration, sharing ideas, referring business & growing beyond borders.

Subscribe to invest in ongoing personal and business development