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Building a 100m valuation company: Part 5 – Value

If you reflect on what you have built so far. A simple business, focused on solving problems for a few well-defined customer segments and retaining them by creating a great experience delivered reliably and consistently. You have a few growth strategies maturing all the time, and they are all now led and run by your […]

Growing your business revenues beyond 100m

Business growth is not a function of luck. 3 elements in play will generate growth despite your levels of luck, hope and prayer. What are the 3 elements? Listen to this podcast where Pavlo Phitidis unpacks these on The Money Show:   Mindset It begins with you as the business owner. Success in a mindset […]

Lessons from a muddy island during Brexit troubles

This is a business that is built into a tradable asset. An asset is anything of value or a resource that represents economic value – for example a bar of gold. Trading is an ability to buy and sell something – for example, a share on the stock exchange.

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