Join us for 55 minutes on 7 June to understand how to plan and execute a successful succession plan. 

Successful Succession with Aurik and Andersen 


Take the sting out of business succession

Succession failures are part of the 94.6% of businesses that fail to sell. A weak exit or hard closure of your company or career robs you of the opportunity to monetise your legacy.

Family and services businesses often depend on succession to transfer wealth and responsibility.

Getting it right is a 24-month endeavour, requiring a plan of action that caters to all parties’ well-being.

Join Aurik and Andersen for a punchy 55-minute session to understand how to prepare, plan and ensure a successful exit through succession.

You’ll leave this session understanding how to:

  • Align the exiting and incumbent leaders to define a succession plan

  • Transfer strategic and operational control of the business to the next generation

  • Lock-in business growth over the transfer process to fund the acquisition of the exiting parties’ interest

  • Transfer relationships across the team, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders

  • Build out the valuation and terms of sale and acquisition

  • Manage the transfer of agreements with employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders

  • Structure the sale of shares to minimize the tax impacts for the succeeding and exiting parties

7th June 2022 / 8.30am BST / 9.30am SAST / Online

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  • Kevin Hindley

    Head: Corporate tax & real estate, Andersen UK
  • Pavlo Phitidis

    Business Growth Expert & CEO Aurik
  • Derrick Kaufmann

    Co-Regional Managing Director for Africa

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